• Jenny McKay

When I Found My Magic

In the last quarter of 2018, I read (listened to) Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. And that's when it all started. That's when something ignited within me. And has brought me here to this blog post. I could go on forever about the things I learned from Miss Gilbert, but I would rather not burden anyone with that pile of words all at once. So, I will sum up my take-aways using language from Walt Whitman and the Bible:

I am large, I contain multitudes. - Walt Whitman "thou shalt see greater things than these."  - John 1:50

Intellectually, I had always understood my extreme potential for greatness, but that understanding never reached my soul until completing this book. And I felt it. I felt the big magic in my belly, like a ton of bricks. I felt the strike of the match in my heart. And those feelings wouldn't leave me alone. For a few months, I searched my soul for a direction in which to grow this cosmic ball of energy that had welled up inside of me. Clarity evaded me and the fire burned steady. Fed up with trying to find the right direction, I decided to run towards something interesting and a bit familiar to me and others of my generation - social media. (You may or may not have noticed me posting with more purpose and regularity). After posting and writing with regularity for a week or so, I felt that spark turn into a campfire, and I am sure it will continue to spread into a wild fire as I keep going. 

I can't explain it, but I really feel like I am on fire with hustle, creative ideas, energy and confidence. I sense the greatness of my talents and abilities more than I ever have before. I have no idea where this will lead, but I DO know that I am capable of magic and full of miracles. And if I like feeling this way - fulfilled, energized, in tune - I do not doubt that others may feel similarly. There is a spark waiting to grow in all of us, and I'm just here turning mine into a wildfire in hopes that living this way will give YOU permission to burn as brightly as you would like. 

As cheesy as all of this may be or sound, it's my reality. As my photos and thoughts fill up your feed, feel free to scroll right on by. But, I hope to light the souls of the world on fire with creativity, joy, and confidence (among other things). And I'm starting here.

"Buddhists observe that we're all on fire. It's so beautiful to sometimes tune in and see the flickering."- Graham Duncan

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