- Anna Kelly 


Dream Big and Take Massive Action

Two years ago, I was sitting in an audition for a major opera house and I realized that I didn't want to do it anymore.  I was letting my career shove me around and tell me my worth and control everything about my life. As artists and creatives, it often feels this way - like you spend so much time trying to please others, you can hardly recognize what you want or how to take back the reins on your life. I want to help you get out of whatever rut you're in, create the life you've always imagined, and let your creativity flourish. I've spent the last two years creating a vision for what I want my life to be, learning how to make that happen, and taking massive action to make it all possible. Whether your dream is to stop living life in default mode, start a side hustle selling your art, having the best audition season of your life, or just getting in touch with your creative self, let me help you. You can discover what you want and go after it with wild abandon. 

1:1 Coaching with Jenny

12-week program with weekly coachings

Meet weekly with Jenny to develop a  greater sense of ownership and identity, feel good about making good money, get clear about your passions and career and confident in your relationships. 

Non-Book Club

A Community of like-minded individuals

Non-Book Club meets bi-weekly over zoom to be coached by Jenny and discuss and grow together. It is an intimate coaching group and your monthly subscription gets you access to the twice monthly meetings, all of the recordings, countless resources to support you in your creative journey, and access to Jenny's high-caliber coaching.

"I was totally blindsided by the amount of change I saw in my life!"

- Rebecca Soelberg

"[Non-Book Club] has given me a space to dream and to take that dream and realize it can be! I am dreaming big and also evaluating my choices against the VALUES I was able to identify in NBC!"